How Does the Bliss Memories Photo Booth Work? Is It Easy to Use?

Yes. Our photo booth is touch screen operated and very easy to use. Simply click on your color preference black & white or color and get ready for the countdown, a total of 4 different photos will be taken per each shoot.

The photos take less than 10 seconds to print out.. Plus, our team handles all aspects of installation, design, setup, teardown and transport of your photo booth.

Why Do I Need a Social Media Photo Booth at My Event? Can't I Just Take Pictures with My Smartphone?

Sure, but what you’re missing is the branded experience you’re providing your event’s attendees. Giving people the chance to interact with you in a group setting that offers a fun and free way to capture blissful memories with their friends is priceless. And it’s all wrapped up in your logo and messaging to be uploaded to your online presence and shared over and over again through social media, email and printouts. You also gain access to valuable consumer data for lead generation and future marketing campaigns.

Can I Customize the Photo Booth? Can I Have My Own Team Design the Photo Booth?

Faqs: Yes. Your photo booth can be completely custom-designed inside and out. Our in-house development team creates a branded skin and graphical user interface for your photo booth at your event that seamlessly coordinates with your company and event theme. If you prefer to have your own team handle the design, we can partner with you to do so.

Do you provide me with a digital copy of the pictures of the event?

Yes, we will provide you with a high resolution digital copy of all your event photos on a Flash Disk. Additionally, we upload some of our event photos to an online photo gallery so they can be viewed and downloaded for FREE.

What Social Media Platforms Can I Upload and Share To?

Currently, you and your event guests can upload and share to Facebook, Twitter and more platforms are continuously being added.

How Far Ahead of Time Should I Order the Photo Booth?

Depending on how much customization is required to create your order, it can take up to two weeks to complete. 

Where can I set up a Bliss Memories Photo Booth?

We ask you have a spot for the booth that is within 10 metres of a standard electrical outlet. The ceiling should be minimum of 2.5m high. The spot should be a level and solid surface. If your spot does not fit all these requirements, we will probably still be happy to accommodate you to another area, please just check with us and send us an e-mail first to describe your specific needs.

When will I receive my booking confirmation?

When your deposit & travel fee / full payment is received/processed and your booking form is completed, signed and emailed back to us, then you will receive a confirmation email within 24hrs from us stating that your booking is all confirmed. When you receive the confirmation email from us, that means the photo booth is booked in for your event date and time required on the booking form.

What is your cancellation policy?

All cancellations must be made via email to us.

Any cancellation made by the customer 30 days or more prior to the event date will receive your deposit back or a once off “re-scheduling” opportunity can be provided to you. 

If a cancellation is made with less than 10 days left until your event, your deposit is forfeited.

If a cancellation is made on the day of your event, your deposit is forfeited and 100% of the balance becomes payable.

Due to unforeseen circumstances Bliss Memories Ltd may cancel any booking at any time without being responsible for any loss, and in such a case, a full refund is made within 7 days. 

What Locations Do You Serve?

We are based in Nairobi, Kenya. We serve this area although for out of town events an extra cost will be charged. Check here for rates.

I Have More Questions. Who Do I Ask?

Email us at info@blissmemories.com and we’d be happy to chat with you.