What We Provide

At Bliss Memories we know having the “X” factor at your event is of utmost importance. Based in Nairobi, Kenya, we service our clientele with high-end “open-air” Photo Booth entertainment experience to add blissful memories at your event. Our classy and modern portable booths are interactive, personal photography studios where you and your guests can let loose. Not only do we specialize in providing high-end Photo Booth rental services and Corporate Branding, we use quality props, backdrops and top of the range photographic equipment to ensure your instant photo print are blissful!

Our photo booth makes for a great addition to any event and provides a unique way to capture unforgettable moments! Our photos are taken with the highest quality digital single lens reflex (DSLR) and lighting equipment available. Each session includes four takes and our customized prints are available within SECONDS after each session! The dye-sublimating thermal imaging printer that we use does not smear like inkjet prints. After printing, your guests can return for unlimited visits throughout the event!

Why Choose Us

Bliss Memories has one of the most modern and classy Photo Booths in the market. Its ability to adjust to different heights up to 1.75M allowing for standing or sitted sessions, large 21” touch screen, use of different color LED lighting are some of the features of the photo booth

How We Started

As the name suggests, Bliss Memories Ltd aims to create blissful memories at each event! It was founded from the love of pictures and the story they tell…. Capturing fun, and quirky, happy, basically real moments! At any event, photography is key to capture moments that will be treasured and well documented. We at Bliss Memories know that having personalized photo prints to take home after an event is an added treasure! Be it a wedding, corporate event, private party, anniversary, or birthday party… Book US and we’ll come down with a beautiful backdrop, bring a truckload of props and have guests having a goodtime and making merry in no time! What’s more? Our booth allows instant social media uploads!!! Check out amazing more features here.

Our Team

About us: Bliss Memories is made of a young competent, creative team that works with clients to achieve blissful and quality service at all events. Need custom? Great! We at Bliss Memories service your needs to ensure your brand or personality is captured at your event! Thinkers, designers, basically creatives form the traits of our team. Bliss Memories operates from Nairobi, Kenya while serving its environs. Watch how the “MAGIC” happens here to know more… seeing is believing! Contact Us today for enquires or bookings and we’ll be happy to help add blissful memories at your event!